Alex Verhaar Photography - Vehicle Branding

This project was my first try at a large design and application of a vehicle diecut sticker for a close friend and talented photographer. The sticker was created as a promotional piece for his freelance photography company - Alex Verhaar Photography.



While I have created thousands of diecut stickers for companies across the states, I had never done a project of this size up until this application. I wanted to push my capabilities and see what I could achieve with my equipment, see what types of challenges I would face, and how I could overcome them.


Design Process

The logo itself was created to be simple, modern, and very obvious as to what it stands for. I created a vector of a traditional DSLR camera, visually broke it up, and complemented it with a light text treatment. The client wanted to maximize the window space we had available, and make it as easy to read and understand as possible.


Creation Process

The process of this application was very similar to that of smaller applications. I cut, weeded, and applied the material, then problem solved how to properly install it. With a decent amount of patience, I was able to install the sticker in the correct location and orientation on the first try.