NWT3K - Customizable Snow Pants

The NWT3K customizable snow pant was a project that challenged me to use the apparel skillsets of Design, Development, and Patternmaking. The process was working very closely with the owner and founder, Nick Marvik, and the pursuit of a made-to-order customizable ski/snow pant.



Design Process

The idea behind the customizable snow pant was to design an item that can multiple features that would provide ease in understanding and ability to customize. This customization would include color blocking between panels, zipper and feature orientation, as well as the option to choose trim colors. With all of this in mind, I was challenged with the task of checking all of the customization abilities without going overboard or over designing. Through competitor research and narrowing down an aesthetic and fit that both skiers and snowboards alike would enjoy - we landed on a design.


Development Process

A huge advantage of NWT3K is that everything is manufactured in the USA - right in Seattle, WA. This location gave me the ability to work directly with the owners and head sewers of the factory to create a detailed and easy to understand specification package. The biggest challenge we enjoyed tackling was around how to maximize the efficiency between orders in regards to order of operations and how/when to prioritize certain sewing operations due to small quantities.


Patternmaking Process

I created the pattern for this pant without using the aid of any digital products. Using a custom block I created, we went through multiple rounds of fittings, design tweaks, and 'smoothing the edges'. All pattern pieces were handmade and cut for the factories, then later sourced locally to have them properly graded out for the variety of sizes that were to be offered.