Brooks Sports - Elite Athlete Kits

Every Spring season, as a Designer at Brooks I have the opportunity to work with the Brooks 'Beasts' (Elite Athletes), and work on product capsules that they will wear at their races throughout the year. These Elite Kits are elevated pieces in regards to fabric, construction, and overall garment technology. We apply a seasonal graphic story for all of the pieces to tell a clean, cohesive team story.

15-52-0987 - Elite kit tech sheets.png

Design Perspective

We believe that a running garment can change a day, a life, and a lifetime, but can also boost the confidence in those wearing it. The goal of our Elite Athlete Kits were to use top of the line constructions like seam welding, bonding, and the Bayer Technology. We also pair this with some of the industries lightest, highest performance fabrications to serve our athletes needs.


Graphic Perspective

The graphic choice used for our Spring 2016 Elite Kits was a story that I created as a way to tell our brand stripe story, and provide opportunity for multiple color stories depending on the race or sponsor. The singlet stripe and tight stripe match in aesthetic, and bring a fast, clean look to the athletes.