Inner Scandinavian  


   Born and raised in the suburbs of Seattle, WA, I currently call the city my home. Drawing the majority of my inspiration by the surrounding Northwest, I strive to travel and learn more about new and different cultures than my own.

   I live, breath, and identify by the activities that I embrace. This includes skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, hiking, and camping. The simplicity of the activities we have available are what draws me to them.

   In regards to photography, I don't label myself as professional. I am a Designer by trade, and thoroughly enjoy taking photographs and exploring all realms of the design world. The depth and the complexity of the programs we use to create and publish content is mind-blowing, and a never ending exploration I will always be on.

   The purpose of this website is purely for a place to showcase my work, tell my stories, and involve all of those interested. It's a platform for a professional and high quality base to host things I've created, and allow others to become inspired by it, however they'd like.


Thank you.